M4B S.A. was founded in 2005 as a technological start-up specializing in design of mobile solutions for business applications based on the technologies of leading global suppliers (including Microsoft, Java, Nokia, Symbian, Sybase, LG and Samsung).

The company then oriented its business towards the Digital Signage market and is currently the leader of this sector in Poland.

Our primary product, WAVE Multimedia Everywhere, is one of the most popular and advanced DS platforms in Poland. While designing WAVE, M4B engineers focused above all on innovation and ergonomic use. Customers recognized the quality of our efforts, allowing the platform to see use in the largest Digital Signage installations in Poland.

The M4B S.A. mission is the provision and implementation of software allowing contact to be made with an informational message through the display of a variety of content. Due to the use of moving images and sound, DS is considerably more effective as an advertising medium than traditional marketing message forms.

M4B S.A. employs experts on Digital Signage, mobile and Internet technologies, telecommunications and security, as well as design, development and implementation of IT-based corporate management support systems.


2005 – creation of the M4B Sp z o.o. company which specialises in developing mobile solutions for business.

2007 – the company targets its activities at the Digital Signage market.

2010 – the company signs agreements for co-financing for two projects: measure 3.3 “Company’s development by entering a NewConnect market” and measure 6.1. “Passport to export”, increasing its growth possibilities.

2011M4B S.A. debuts at NewConnect, joining the group of public companies.