Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage System is capable of advertising content management on various digital media – single LCD monitors, video walls consisting of multiple LCD monitors, large LED screens, tablets or totems and info booths.
On the basis of experience we have gained over the years of giving our customers advice on the optimal solutions in the scope of marketing communications based on Digital Signage system, we always propose solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


Reducing advertising costs

no expenses related to production, distribution and installation of traditional advertising media such as Light Box; possibility to conduct cheap promotional campaign tests; elimination of clerical errors-related costs.

Saving time of the Marketing Department employees

owing to the automation of content management processes, the employees can focus on creating promotions and analysing their effectiveness.

Income increase

possibility of introducing a larger number of promotions; capacity to quickly respond to the market changes, competitors’ activity and even weather; increasing store’s visibility via attractive advertising messages which increases the number of customers visiting the shop.

Positive image of the brand

thanks to the consistent advertising materials throughout the network; no errors or instant elimination of errors in the advertising materials throughout the network.

According to the reports of Nielsen, a measurement and data analytics company, average product sales on the American market increase by 14% owing to the advertisement via Digital Signage media. Moreover, digital media improve brand awareness by 40% and reduce the perceived queue times, while advertising messages on the digital media effectively reaches up to 74% of the consumers*.

  *Sources: AC Nielsen, 2010, iSuppli Corporation, 2010


  • We have experience in implementing large systems for the largest Polish companies
  • We provide a comprehensive solution: monitor, player, software, assembly, installation along with training and service support, as well as management of content displayed on the monitors on the customer’s request
  • We offer many assembly and construction options
  • We enable the adaptation of our solutions to the decor of the building, in other words, customization
  • We provide remote service and on-site customer service with guaranteed repair time (SLA) throughout Europe
  • We offer the best value for money

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